Company History: Once Again Nut Butter was founded by Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter, in 1976, as a worker cooperative. The Once Again Nut Butter name was created by Jeremy and Connie who, “Once Again” created another worker co-op and were “Once Again” creating a new endeavor.  We were founded with the goal of providing the natural products industry with a tasty, healthy, and nutritious peanut butter.  After more than thirty years our focus remains the same and we have earned the reputation as a manufacturer of one of the best tasting and most consistent nut butters in the industry. Read more

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  1. Hi Pat! Great question! Tahini in an unopened jar has a shelf life of 1 year from the production date. After the jar is opened, it has a 6 week shelf life and keeps best in a refrigerator. Keep those amazing questions coming! And happy eating!!! Gael


  2. I admit with pride that I am a peanut butter lover and once Again Peanut Butter is on the top of my favorite list.


  3. Hi Gael & friends of raccoons – I used to be a wildlife rehabber and my logo was a raccoon much like yours (sans the butter knife & bread, of course). I must have raised three or four dozen of them over the years and they were my favorites. I’m writing my 2nd book, which will focus on nutrition, and hope you folks are okay with my recommending your nut butters for inclusion in smoothies and healthy desserts. Have a great day, Sherry E.


  4. Purchased sunflower seed butter from Jet. Opened a jar and it didn’t taste right. Tastes like peanut butter. Are there any current recalls for this?


    1. There are no recalls on any of our products. I invite you to contact Quality Assurance at Once Again: 1-888-800-8075. The reason you may taste a difference is last year we installed a new grinder which made our butter even creamier, so that would be the texture difference you are experiencing.


  5. Hi, I purchased a jar of tahini at a local farmers market today with a sell by date of 06/04/16. Is this product still good or have I purchased an expired product?


  6. Just purchased Almond Butter from Mom’s Organic Market in Timonium, MD. What is the shelf life once opened? How do you store it?
    I love that you provide an open space to mark the date upon opening. The sell by date is 11/2017.


    1. Once the jar is opened it is good for 8-10 weeks. You can simply put it back in your cabinet, no need to refrigerate. The product is good for one year from the 11/2017 date on your jar 🙂


  7. Hi- I noticed that you collaborated with Haitian nut farmers in 2010. I’m interested in partnering with nuts plantations that are organic and have fair trade practices there and I was wondering if you would be able to point me in the right direction? My objective is to support the farmers and their communities by sourcing nuts for my social enterprise. Many thanks for your help. Alia


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