Summer Time Popsicle Crafting!

What’s more refreshing than frozen fruity creations on a stick? The Popsicle has been a long time tradition for summer time! Ends up this delicious creation was the result of an accident by Frank Epperson (at age 11), who claims he left a cup of soda with a stick on the porch on a cold night. He officially introduced the concept in 1923 in California by the name of “Epsicle ice pop” (source:  link here). In the United Kingdom and Ireland they call it icy lolly, in Australia it is icy pole and in the United States we know it as Popsicle, frozen pop or ice pop.

Even though it has been around for a while and a favorite of most children it has recently graduated to appearing in adult festivities such as weddings, fancy events and chic parties! Grown-ups just didn’t want to let go of this fantastic treat and gave it a makeover to make it worthy of adult functions. The art of “Popsicle crafting” has caught the attention of several chefs, each creating their own version. Food trucks, specialty local shops, fresh food market stands all over the country are serving up gourmet popsicles made with exotic ingredients. Craft Popsicles made with savory spices, unusual combinations and even liquor have revolutionized the concept of frozen fruit on a stick.

20140610_150323000_iOSHere is the fun part, it is easy to create your very own fancy Popsicles at home. I recently bought a silicone mold, which in my opinion made all the difference. It is much easier to remove it and you have the option of some fun shapes too. I like mixing some unexpected fruits and vegetables combo which when frozen on a stick just works! My latest creation was the Spinach Mango Delight, simply combine mango chunks, baby spinach leaves, chia seeds and a little water to help blend it. My kids take Popsicle crafting very seriously and like coming up with their own recipes. My son created the “Honey Carrot Pop” which is a blend of carrots, apples and honey while my daughter’s “Sweet Monkey” is made up of Once Again’s Almond Butter with bananas and almond milk.

We recently attended a baby shower where popsicles were the center piece, all arranged in different shades of pink announcing the soon arrival of their baby girl. Their main ingredients were berries; just varying the amount of berries to milk gave them a beautiful array of pink colors. (Completely kicking myself for not taking a picture! Sorry!).

Go on and create your very own versions this summer, and dare to think outside the box to achieve unexpected flavors that will wake up your taste buds. I wonder if wine popsicles have been explored yet… oh the possibilities!

… enjoy your frozen treats,


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