Month: June 2012

Once Again…I’m in Love!

By Shelly Viggiano

 Do you remember that feeling – those early days in a relationship, when you can’t get ENOUGH of your new flame? When the phone rang and you knew it was him – your heart nearly burst out of your chest? Or you were so happy when you met with her, that you couldn’t stop smiling like a half-wit, until your cheeks ached? It’s been 10 long years since I felt that, but right now I am deep in the throes of it, and once again…I’m in love!

When I was gifted my first jar of OA Sunflower Butter I had one reaction – a squeamish aversion. Seeds? Smashed up in a jar? This can’t be good. Back then, I didn’t even know what tahini was, and anything besides plain old peanut butter was “exotic”. Understandably, new foods are challenging for some, but I knew that to be afraid of a jar of seed spread was mildly silly. So I psyched myself up, and tried it. And lo, the heaven’s parted and angels sang! Little unicorns bounded from cloud to cloud, and stars fell from the sky like fairy dust. The flavor was smooth, complex, earthy, nutty…so good I could cry. I nearly did – mourning all of the lost years I spent not enjoying Once Again Sunflower Butter. All the boring lunches. All the times that a spoonful right from the jar would have served a healthier and tastier pick-me-up than gummy worms. Oh, OA Sunflower Butter, where had you been all my life?

Since then, I have pushed a jar on anyone who comes into my home, “You must try it, really! Don’t be frightened…it will change your life!” And I have the great pleasure of watching ecstasy pass over the faces of friends and family, as they experience the first pangs of sunflower love. Now, when my cupboard runs low, I get a sense of panic and rush out immediately for more. OA Sunflower Butter has become my lunch of choice, and buried somewhere under it is a tangy apple – preferably a Pink Lady or Honeycrisp if I can find one. Yes, I said lunch – I spread the butter so thickly that this is a meal (accounting for the generous scoop I eat after the apple is gone, as well). And because it is healthy for the planet, society and ME, I don’t feel one ounce of shame.

Yes, it’s been many years – but happily this is one romance my spouse needs not be jealous of.  Thank you Once Again. I’m in love!

Shelley Viggiano is the mother of two girls, an ultra distance athlete, foodie and super fan of Once Again products.