The North America Fair Trade Stakeholder Council Summit

Last month, Communications Manager,  Gael Orr attended the Fair Trade Summit in Minneapolis.  The Summit worked to address the heated issues surrounding plantation farming. Specifically, Fair Trade has always been about protecting the most marginalized farmworkers.  One of the main fair trade certifiers, Fair Trade USA,recently announced its intention to certify plantation farms. This is highly controversial since plantations are known to further marginalize farmworkers not help them.  The fair trade movement has been up-in-arms ever since.  The summit came together to try and find a peaceful resolution to bring about compliance and   standardization to commonly held values.  The North America Fair Trade Stakeholder Council Summit brought together almost fifty diverse stakeholders to explore how to strengthen the fair trade movement in North America. Attendees represented small farmers in Latin America, (including our very own  Cesar Fajardo  from theJubilee House representing our co-ops in Nicaragua) representative  farmers in the US and Canada, farmworkers in the US, US-and-Canada based food, craft, and retail businesses committed to the principles of fair trade, and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) involved in the fair trade movement.  


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