Living Legacy Teen Cancer

Once Again Nut Butter made a special donation to Living Legacy Teen Cancer Foundation (LLTCF), a Rochester charity.  Living Legacy Teen Cancer Foundation is the only charity in Western New York that has a support group specifically helping teenagers cope with the disease. Mary Eggers is a local nurse and athlete who donates her time helping these teens rehabilitate, and provides them with a  fitness program.  Recently, the University of Buffalo decided to bring in seven time winner of the Tour de France and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong (also the founder of the charity Livestrong) to guest speak at the college.  Ms. Eggers put out a challenge via Twitter to Lance Armstrong to a swim race she called Duel in the Pool to raise money for LLTCF and Livestrong.  He accepted the challenge and together they have raised over $60,000 so far!  Once Again was one of the 5 main sponsors at this event providing a financial donation and a jar of American Classic Creamy Peanut Butter to all the attendees at the Duel in the Pool.  The attendees at the Duel in the Pool came by invitation only and were almost exclusively friends and family members of the  teens who participate in the LLTCF program.   There were a few other people in attendance who were company sponsors, friends of Ms. Eggers and Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong show in the middle, Mary Eggers shown on the right in the blue robe.  Participants of the Teens with Cancer are all wearing Duel in the Pool t-shirts.

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