Special thanks to both Debbie Willett and Kim Moriarty for  their hard work at the Boilermaker Event in Utica.  The event had 14,000 racers and it seemed like half the city turned up on the streets to cheer the racers on.  Once Again set up a demo table in the Pride of NY tent and handed out samples to the masses of people.  After serving people nut butters and having stood on tired feet over long hours, Deb, Kim and Gael hadn’t had enough  and put their feet into running action completing the 9.45 mile race.  Kim set the bar high and raced the entire event at a 8-9 minute mile pace!  Deb also did extraordinarily well running at a 10 minute mile pace and Gael ran an 11-12 minute mile pace, and may have been faster except she stopped to dance with the spectators 3 times along the course.    

 The Boilermaker is the largest running race in the country.  While there, Gael visited Peter’s Cornucopia Store. They carry virtually all of Once Again’s products displayed in a  premium end cap location and the new honeys were also in the store. The store commented that they were getting increased traffic from all of our referrals from the Boilermaker Event. 

 Price Chopper had set up a table display and they fed peanut butter sandwiches to racers on Sunday.  Some of the peanut butter we donated was used in the sandwiches. The rest of the peanut butter was used as prizes to racers and for the kids fun run and the golf tournament.  This was a great use of Once Again’s products because it gave the company great exposure.  For sampling, 9lb buckets were used instead of jars  and samples were handed out to thousands of people.  People also  took company brochures.  Once Again was set up in the Pride of NY tent near Chobani Yogurt.  Larabar was also at Boilermaker but in a different tent.  They were set up near Price Chopper.  This was the first year that Boilermaker ever had companies setting up samples of products.  There were basically 2 circus tents, 1 with all the NY companies, and the other were food companies outside of NY.


Next year they plan on increasing food sampling and food companies and possibly adding a full farmers market.  This was a great event for Once Again to be part of.  They are hoping to create the first “health” fair in NYS and are looking to get more organic companies involved.  Boilermaker displayed a huge banner with Once Again’s logo on it at the race finish area and did a great job of communicating Once Again’s company support at the various events all week long through signage and verbally over loud speakers.  It is almost hard to get an understanding of just how many people were at this event.  There were 14,000 racers and more than 150,000 people turned up to cheer on the event. 


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