Month: September 2011

Once Again Provides Funds for a Vision-Saving Project

 Farm work is one of the most dangerous professions. Farming puts workers at risk of serious  illnesses and injuries, many of which can be prevented through education and information.  Farmworker Legal Services of New York, Inc. ( FLSNY) received a grant from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to provide outreach to farm workers and disseminate information and conduct training.  FLSNY first conducted a needs assessment so that the training would target the safety issues faced by the farm workers in Monroe and Livingston Counties.  What was learned during this process is that eye health and safety represent a severe risk for farm workers.  The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 90% of eye injuries and symptoms can be prevented by proper use of eye protection.  However, studies have shown that a very low percentage of farm workers use eye protection.


Farm Worker Legal Services of New York developed eye health and safety training to help farm workers recognize the risk and strategies to prevent eye injuries and health risks.  The farm workers participating in the trainings talked about their experiences and it was clear that every farm worker had experienced some eye injury or had witnessed a serious injury or illness.  When discussing prevention, they reported that even if they worked with caustic chemicals and pesticides they weren’t provided adequate protection.


It was then that FLSNY reached out to Once Again Nut Butter.  Once Again provided FLSNY with a donation that was used to purchase 120 pairs of glasses that had safety glass and provided 99% UV protection.  Each farm worker who participated in the training received the glasses.  In follow-up training they were asked if they were using the safety glasses and they said they were.   Successful training with appropriate safety equipment equals a vision-saving project!


National Honey Bee Awareness Day

Building a sustainable future, one flower at a time.

National Honey Bee Awareness Day was August 20th.  Once Again is a member of the National Honey Bee Day Association. The association works to educate the public on steps it can take to help the honey bee. They work cooperatively with the public, bee keepers, and other interested groups to protect honey bees and the environment. You can get more information online at:


Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center, Inc.

Founded in 1959 by Mary M. Gooley with the help of the Rochester Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF), the Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center, located in Rochester New York, has been serving people who suffer from bleeding and blood-related disorders for over 50 years. The Center was one of the first NHF chapters chartered outside of New York City, and the first free-standing comprehensive care clinic in the nation.

The Center prides itself on providing first-class treatment, advocacy and research to individuals and families affected by various inherited diseases, including disorders related to hemostasis (blood clotting) and iron overload. 

Once Again donated product for their triathlon fundraiser event and will be setting up a table at their event later this month to give out samples and sell products.



 Special thanks to both Debbie Willett and Kim Moriarty for  their hard work at the Boilermaker Event in Utica.  The event had 14,000 racers and it seemed like half the city turned up on the streets to cheer the racers on.  Once Again set up a demo table in the Pride of NY tent and handed out samples to the masses of people.  After serving people nut butters and having stood on tired feet over long hours, Deb, Kim and Gael hadn’t had enough  and put their feet into running action completing the 9.45 mile race.  Kim set the bar high and raced the entire event at a 8-9 minute mile pace!  Deb also did extraordinarily well running at a 10 minute mile pace and Gael ran an 11-12 minute mile pace, and may have been faster except she stopped to dance with the spectators 3 times along the course.    

 The Boilermaker is the largest running race in the country.  While there, Gael visited Peter’s Cornucopia Store. They carry virtually all of Once Again’s products displayed in a  premium end cap location and the new honeys were also in the store. The store commented that they were getting increased traffic from all of our referrals from the Boilermaker Event. 

 Price Chopper had set up a table display and they fed peanut butter sandwiches to racers on Sunday.  Some of the peanut butter we donated was used in the sandwiches. The rest of the peanut butter was used as prizes to racers and for the kids fun run and the golf tournament.  This was a great use of Once Again’s products because it gave the company great exposure.  For sampling, 9lb buckets were used instead of jars  and samples were handed out to thousands of people.  People also  took company brochures.  Once Again was set up in the Pride of NY tent near Chobani Yogurt.  Larabar was also at Boilermaker but in a different tent.  They were set up near Price Chopper.  This was the first year that Boilermaker ever had companies setting up samples of products.  There were basically 2 circus tents, 1 with all the NY companies, and the other were food companies outside of NY.


Next year they plan on increasing food sampling and food companies and possibly adding a full farmers market.  This was a great event for Once Again to be part of.  They are hoping to create the first “health” fair in NYS and are looking to get more organic companies involved.  Boilermaker displayed a huge banner with Once Again’s logo on it at the race finish area and did a great job of communicating Once Again’s company support at the various events all week long through signage and verbally over loud speakers.  It is almost hard to get an understanding of just how many people were at this event.  There were 14,000 racers and more than 150,000 people turned up to cheer on the event. 


Ugandan Water Project- Lima, NY

 Once Again Continues to support the Ugandan Water Project.  The Ugandan Water Project is rapidly becoming a strategic part of meeting basic needs and transforming communities throughout Uganda. The Ugandan Water Project is a humanitarian effort that places rainwater collection tanks on community buildings throughout the East African nation of Uganda. There are three major goals of this project:

Provide safe accessible drinking water to communities across Uganda.

Strengthen communities by providing a shared resource located at a community-valued location such as Schools, Clinics, Churches, and Orphanages.

Facilitate relationships between sponsors in the U.S. and communities in Uganda.


Genesee Valley Conservancy

Once Again is  supporting the Genesee Valley Conservancy.  The Genesee Valley Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to open space preservation in the Genesee Valley region. Since 1990 the Genesee Valley Conservancy has been dedicated to protecting Western New York’s open space resources. The GVC has protected over 13,500 acres of habitat, scenic vistas, and some of New York State’s highest quality farmland. Each year the Conservancy has a fundraising event called the Oak Tree 5K and Half Marathon.  This is one of the largest health and fitness events in Livingston County.  This year, Once Again is setting up a table to give out samples.  We are also  donating products to be used as prizes as we have in previous years. 


Freedom Village

Once Again donated 56, 9lb pails to Freedom Village for troubled youth.  Freedom Village is New York’s premier home for troubled youth.  The 150 acre campus is located just North of Watkins Glenn and is an intensive care ward for America’s youth and is the largest home of its kind.  This place is home to 150-200 youth ages 14-21 who need help with various aspects of their lives.  Many have been involved with drug and alcohol abuse, have attempted suicide, or lived in abusive home situations, many have also previously turned their lives to crime.   Freedom Village educates and provides vocational training  as well as sports activities.  All youth are there on a voluntary basis .

School Backpack Program

Once Again Nut Butter donated to the area schools backpack program.  Catholic Charities in Mt. Morris, NY is spearheading a community project involving children from various schools.  They have collected donations and compiled more than 300 backpacks including jars of Once Again Organic Sunflower Butter to go into the children’s school bags.