Killer Bee Honey

 What is the first thing you think of when you hear someone say “killer bees”? Fear, dangerous, and scary may be some of the first words that come to mind. How about honey? Yes, killer bees make honey. In fact they were originally engineered to be honey producers. The intention was for these bees to be better honey producers than your everyday honey bee, but what resulted instead was a bee that was a better pollinator that actually produces less honey overall. But this doesn’t mean that killer bees can’t make some good honey. Once Again has beekeepers in South America collecting some unique honey that you must experience. Not just for the taste, but for the experience of telling your family and friends you are serving up killer bee honey!

The first thing you need to know about the Once Again Killer Bee Honey is that it has been certified as Fair Trade through IBD Social (a certification organization). These means the beekeepers are making a fair wage for their work. Their certification system also examines the environment and the social responsibility of the beekeepers.

Not only is this fair trade honey, it is also organic. For honey to be considered organic there can be no pesticides of any sort used within a 5 mile radius of the hives. Also no chemicals whatsoever are used on the bees.

Once Again offers two kinds of killer bee honey. Their original honey was gathered in Brazil. Their new Jubilee Bee Honey, comes from Nicaragua, which will be introduced this fall. Why bother with another source? Honey is much like wine. Grapes grown in different regions produce different flavor profiles, thus different wines. The flowers the bees use as a source to make their honey are going to vary from region to region. A honey made in Brazil won’t taste quite the same as one made in Nicaragua.

An interesting fact about how the Jubilee Bee honey is collected – the bee keeper, dressed in a traditional bee keeper suit, will always bring a buddy with him. Their buddy will sit in a running pickup truck, so that if the bees begin to swarm, the bee keeper can quickly get in the truck and take off. Killer bees are more aggressive when protecting their hives, which is how they got the name “killer”. Their stings aren’t necessarily more dangerous, it’s their aggressiveness.

So, for your next get-together why not have a honey tasting party? Have guests bring their favorite breads, maybe some cheese, and have some Once Again honey on hand. People will be amazed at the difference. Besides the killer bee honey, Once Again also sells Organic Fair Trade Rain Flower, and natural Clover, Wildflower honey.

Submitted by, Eric Samuelson, Author of Blog: Eat Like No One Else


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