Month: July 2011

Killer Bee Honey

 What is the first thing you think of when you hear someone say “killer bees”? Fear, dangerous, and scary may be some of the first words that come to mind. How about honey? Yes, killer bees make honey. In fact they were originally engineered to be honey producers. The intention was for these bees to be better honey producers than your everyday honey bee, but what resulted instead was a bee that was a better pollinator that actually produces less honey overall. But this doesn’t mean that killer bees can’t make some good honey. Once Again has beekeepers in South America collecting some unique honey that you must experience. Not just for the taste, but for the experience of telling your family and friends you are serving up killer bee honey!

The first thing you need to know about the Once Again Killer Bee Honey is that it has been certified as Fair Trade through IBD Social (a certification organization). These means the beekeepers are making a fair wage for their work. Their certification system also examines the environment and the social responsibility of the beekeepers.

Not only is this fair trade honey, it is also organic. For honey to be considered organic there can be no pesticides of any sort used within a 5 mile radius of the hives. Also no chemicals whatsoever are used on the bees.

Once Again offers two kinds of killer bee honey. Their original honey was gathered in Brazil. Their new Jubilee Bee Honey, comes from Nicaragua, which will be introduced this fall. Why bother with another source? Honey is much like wine. Grapes grown in different regions produce different flavor profiles, thus different wines. The flowers the bees use as a source to make their honey are going to vary from region to region. A honey made in Brazil won’t taste quite the same as one made in Nicaragua.

An interesting fact about how the Jubilee Bee honey is collected – the bee keeper, dressed in a traditional bee keeper suit, will always bring a buddy with him. Their buddy will sit in a running pickup truck, so that if the bees begin to swarm, the bee keeper can quickly get in the truck and take off. Killer bees are more aggressive when protecting their hives, which is how they got the name “killer”. Their stings aren’t necessarily more dangerous, it’s their aggressiveness.

So, for your next get-together why not have a honey tasting party? Have guests bring their favorite breads, maybe some cheese, and have some Once Again honey on hand. People will be amazed at the difference. Besides the killer bee honey, Once Again also sells Organic Fair Trade Rain Flower, and natural Clover, Wildflower honey.

Submitted by, Eric Samuelson, Author of Blog: Eat Like No One Else


Hope Lunches, Open Door Mission and Food Link

Once Again donated 30 cases of peanut butter to Dansville’s Hope Lunches, which is a feeding program helping those locally.  In addition, Once Again donated 55 cases of peanut butter to the Open Door Mission a homeless shelter in Rochester, NY. The company also donated 30 cases of Tahini to Food Link which is a charity that redistributes food to those in need.


Domestic Fair Trade Association

Once Again is an active participant in the Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA).  The DFTA works together with organizations representing farmers, farm-workers, retail stores, manufacturers and the like, to engage in addressing justice issues surrounding food and consumer goods.  Specifically, the Domestic Fair Trade movement is working to address issues in rural communities supporting family-scale farming and farmer-led initiatives and co-ops.  The goal is to address sustainable agriculture in North America as well as protect human rights.  The DFTA has important goals relating to helping protect family-run farms from big agribusiness, protecting indigenous people’s rights and also marginalized people’s rights.   


Once Again Certified Domestic Fair

 Labor  Once Again was recently awarded Domestic Fair Labor Certification through the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).  We underwent the Fair Labor Certification process for our Organic Tahini and in that process we were audited for Domestic Fair Labor Certification.  Fair labor differs from fair trade in that, often fair trade looks at the farmer specifically, without much consideration of the entire supply chain. In other words, fair labor looks at each step in the process of making a product and insures that each step is engaged in fair practices, such as the farmer, the processor, and the manufacturer.

Japan Donation

Who could forget the horrific news about the earthquake in Japan?  This past Spring, Japan was ravaged by one of the worst disasters in history.  All of us at Once Again were moved with compassion.  We donated 1 pallet of peanut butter, (which is  1260 jars) and pledge to donate another pallet in a few months.  Special thanks to the Alishan Company for helping us with all the international logistics.


Genesee Watershed Association

Once Again Nut Butter is a supporting member of  the Genesee Watershed Association project.  The association members are dedicated to keeping the watershed healthy by promoting and monitoring the proper use of the headwaters region.  The association actively engages in educational programs, restoration projects, stream quality monitoring and water conservation.  The association actively seeks to improve water quality and is engaged in protecting sediment from entering tributaries to the Genesee River. 


American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure

Once Again was a race sponsor at this year’s American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure in Monroe and Livingston Counties.  The Tour de Cure is a bicycling tour event where people ask friends and family members to contribute to their bike ride raising money to help combat diabetes.  Riders pledge to ride as little as 7 miles and up to 100 miles.  Friends and family members as well as companies, come together and form their own bike teams to try and escalate fundraising efforts and provide mutual bike rider support.  

 As part of the fundraising effort, there were numerous corporate sponsors from all over the Rochester and surrounding areas and even nationally.  Cliff Bar, Xerox, Harris, Wegmans, Bausch and Lomb, Exellus, Delphi, Chase,  Paychex, Palmer Foods, and Unity Health were just some of the event sponsors. Once Again was also a sponsor for this event.  Most of the event sponsors also had put together a corporate challenge to its employees to ride a minimum of 20 miles for the cause.  The employees all were part of the fundraising effort for American Diabetes and wore matching jerseys. 

Once Again provided nut butters for the 2,000 cycling enthusiasts and product was  set up at 10 rest stops along the riders’ journey. In addition, a table of nut butters were sampled and sold at the event; nut butters were also on the lunch menu. Brochures about Once Again were given to all participants and spectators. Once Again had banners displayed at the event and its logo placed on the bike team jersey, the Sprocket Rockets that Gael Orr co-captained with Ivan Ramos. There were 8 people on the bike team and they rode anywhere from 40-78 miles, each depending on their own athletic ability.   Everyone had a great time and loved the Once Again Nut Butter products.  


The Once Again Nut Butter Racing Team

 Once Again Nut Butter is  supporting a number of area athletic events throughout New York State this summer to target health conscious consumers and raise local awareness about Once Again.

 Debbie, Gael and Kim are ramping up to go to the Boilermaker Road Race this July held in Utica, NY which has 20,000 participants and additional spectators.  They will be  serving nut butters and giving out brochures.  In addition, the trio will run the 9.3 mile race.

Once Again Nut Butter is featured on the television show, The World’s Greatest Series.

 Once Again Nut Butter has been selected as the “World’s Greatest Peanut Butter” by How2 Media and will be featured on the cable television show, “World’s Greatest.”  Each show is a fast paced tour around the world featuring behind the scenes footage and informative interviews.   The 30 minute TV show is dedicated to highlighting the world’s greatest companies, products, places and people.  Once Again Nut Butter, a pioneer in the natural foods industry,  is an award winning employee-owned company that manufactures organic and natural nut butters, seed butters, roasted nuts and organic honey. 



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