Nutri-dots and our label redesign

We’ve undergone a label redesign and have worked hard to make our labels more readable and giving you the information you are looking for at a glance. We have created nutri-dots  describing our products for you.  An important note about salted versus non salted products, if you don’t see the sodium free symbol, it has salt.  We have changed the text style so that you can easily see the  difference between creamy and crunchy. 


Organic products will have an organic  lid and natural  products will have a natural lid color coded for increased  visibility.  In addition, we have created a color band stating organic or  natural on the top of all of our   labels.  Our lids have not been put into production yet, but will be in the up and coming months. Many of our new labels also contain recipes, the story about our raccoon logo and our economic  development projects in  Nicaragua.

One thought on “Nutri-dots and our label redesign

  1. Hey Gail, I like the re-design..Glad you kept the cooner.Your compassion for animals and your company ethics run together.. as well as your excellence in healthy peanut butter. I will FB your 20% off offer for all my FB wildlife rehabbers to read. Baby season is almost here and I always encourage people to fuel their foster critters with healthy foods..yours in on the top of my list.
    Annie Wilczak
    Wild Blue Yonder Wildlife Rehab & Release
    Member; NWRA
    DEC RVS-permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator, class II; primarily raccoons & skunks.
    White-tail fawns, foxes, squirrels, woodchucks, buns, weasel-family,opossum
    DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator; rescue and live removal with compassion.


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