Nicaragua, January 2011

Lloyd Kirwan, Linda Zangerle, Sandi Alexander and Esther Hinrich all traveled to Nicaragua this past   January to visit our new sesame seed processors and our friends at the Jubilee House.   Their only hiccup was their lost luggage. Traveling from  freezing –22 degrees  into 85 degree sunny weather meant our team arrived in Nicaragua wearing winter attire.   Donned in wool socks and long sleeve shirts,  our team visited the  medical clinic, established by  501c3 Jubilee House.  They were impressed with the work that the Jubilee House has been doing for the people of Nicaragua,   instead of giving them a hand-out, they are teaching them life skills so that they can support themselves and their families.  They were able to meet with the sesame  co-ops and negotiate fair seed prices.  We are working to get our Nicaragua sesame Tahini Certified as Fair Trade.

One thought on “Nicaragua, January 2011

  1. Heyy! I think it’s awesome that you guys work hard to help people in Nicaragua! Keep it up and I so loooove your products!! 😀 I just found out you had this blog today.


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