Month: February 2011

U.S.S. Abraham

Ashley Walton contacted Once Again to request a donation of Sunflower Butter . Her husband, Stephen has been a   long-time Once Again Sunflower Butter fan and made the “mistake” of sharing his sunflower butter with  his shipmates. His friends would dip into his quickly diminishing jar of sunflower butter whenever, Ashley would send it to him.   She kept sending him more sunflower butter in greater quantities, but she just couldn’t keep up with the demand.  Naturally, we couldn’t think of a better way to show our  appreciation and support of our deployed service men and women then to donate several cases of sunflower butter for the crew of the U.S.S. Abraham.

EN3 Stephen Walton, Engineman in the Reactor Division of the U.S.S. Abraham

Nicaragua, January 2011

Lloyd Kirwan, Linda Zangerle, Sandi Alexander and Esther Hinrich all traveled to Nicaragua this past   January to visit our new sesame seed processors and our friends at the Jubilee House.   Their only hiccup was their lost luggage. Traveling from  freezing –22 degrees  into 85 degree sunny weather meant our team arrived in Nicaragua wearing winter attire.   Donned in wool socks and long sleeve shirts,  our team visited the  medical clinic, established by  501c3 Jubilee House.  They were impressed with the work that the Jubilee House has been doing for the people of Nicaragua,   instead of giving them a hand-out, they are teaching them life skills so that they can support themselves and their families.  They were able to meet with the sesame  co-ops and negotiate fair seed prices.  We are working to get our Nicaragua sesame Tahini Certified as Fair Trade.

Northeast Organic Farming Association: NOFA

Bob Gelser and Gael Orr  attended the NOFA conference  in January.  They attended some great workshops and also went with the purpose of recruiting organic farmers in New York State who might be willing to grow organic sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are a commodity that can be grown in New York State.   We are looking forward to using local crops to produce our organic sunflower butter.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact Lloyd Kirwan at:

Nutri-dots and our label redesign

We’ve undergone a label redesign and have worked hard to make our labels more readable and giving you the information you are looking for at a glance. We have created nutri-dots  describing our products for you.  An important note about salted versus non salted products, if you don’t see the sodium free symbol, it has salt.  We have changed the text style so that you can easily see the  difference between creamy and crunchy. 


Organic products will have an organic  lid and natural  products will have a natural lid color coded for increased  visibility.  In addition, we have created a color band stating organic or  natural on the top of all of our   labels.  Our lids have not been put into production yet, but will be in the up and coming months. Many of our new labels also contain recipes, the story about our raccoon logo and our economic  development projects in  Nicaragua.

2011 Trade Show Schedule

 Natural Products Expo – Anaheim                                                                            March 11 – 13

Tree of Life East – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL                                                               April 9th & 10tt

Associated Buyers April 27th 

Supply Side East – New Jersey May 2 – 4

UNFI Tabletop Show – Foxwoods May 10 – 12

Tree of Life Puerto Rico – Waldorf Astoria El San Juan Hotel July 11th & 12th

UNFI Tabletop Show – Chicago July 27 – 28

Tree of Life  Midwest – Marriott, Indianapolis, IN August 27th & 28th

Tree of Life  Southwest – Dallas (hotel to be announced) September 10th & 11th

Natural Products Expo – Baltimore September 21 – 24

Supply Side West – Las Vegas October 10 – 14

UNFI Tabletop Show – Hawaii November 11 – 12