Jubilee House Sewing Co-op

About 12 years ago, Once Again Nut Butter Founder, Jeremy Thaler arranged for the purchase of sewing machines to help kick start a sewing co-op in Nicaragua. Years later, another sewing co-op is being started and we are excited to tell you all about it.

The organization called, Jubilee House is located in Managua, Nicaragua. They are a group of humanitarians and missionaries living in an intentional community. With a passion for co-ops they started a women’s sewing cooperative. This group of 18 women and 4 men have been working on the construction of their sewing and spinning facility for the last 3 years. The sewing co-op workers have volunteered their time investing about 40 hours a week per person. The women have hand made the concrete bricks, poured the concrete floor and have even climbed up on the roof structure to fasten the metal roofing.

The ceiling was constructed by a contract company, however all the metal sheets were assembled by the women.

Of the 18 women in this co-op all but four are also single mothers. They spend spare time making tortillas or collecting fire wood and selling those items to support themselves and their children. Nearby Once Again Nut Butter resides a school supply manufacturer, Shapes, Etc., who generously donated about 150 pounds of school supplies to these women for their children so they would have the supplies they need for school.

Gael Orr, Branded SalesA Coordinator, passes out school supplies to delighted single moms.
Mike Woodard, Executive Director of Jubilee House described to, Lloyd, Bob and Gael how the women have constructed this building which will soon hold all the spinning equipment and sewing machines.

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