Fair Labor and Fair Trade

Once Again has always acted as a fair trade company paying world prices for commodities and caring for our small farms and bee keepers. As you know, we have spent a decade working with our partnering co-ops in Nicaragua, but it is time to make it official!

With our growing organic foods customer base, we realize our need to communicate our fair labor practices. Our customers want to know when they are buying organic products from us, they are also supporting good business practices.

In addition, we are excited to move forward with fair trade and labor certification of our honey products. Our domestic honey comes from small and rural bee keepers from some of the poorest counties in Upstate New York. Often when people think of New York, they immediately think of New York City and forget that New York is a whole lot bigger than “The City.” In fact, you may be surprised to learn that New York State enjoys the reputation of being one of America’s lead suppliers of food and agricultural products. Once Again is about 7 hours from Broadway! So, “Start spreading the news…” Once Again Nut Butter is on the edge of the Southern Tier. Our Once Again Dawes Hill brand supports a number of family bee keepers and hobby farmers.

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