Why won’t Once Again produce raw Tahini?

The Question – Why do you produce raw almond butter and not produce raw sesame tahini butter?  Our customers frequently ask why we produce raw almond butter and not a raw sesame tahini.  Maybe you have wondered if there is a difference. There is clearly a difference in the size and thickness between almonds and sesames.  Even more than size and thickness, there is a huge difference between the moisture content and texture of an almond versus a sesame seed.  It is because of these differences that we are able to safely produce a raw almond butter, but are not able to safely produce a raw sesame tahini.

Our natural and organic almonds come from California.  The almonds are pasteurized as required by law.  Sesame seeds are not pasteurized; therefore, we have to kill the harmful bacteria by roasting the seeds.

We produce raw almond butter because we are able to dry almonds reducing the moisture content.  The drying process aids in converting the almonds into butter. If we didn’t dry the almonds first, the almonds would be nearly impossible to grind and would create butter with a similar consistency as children’s play dough.  Because almonds are thick, we are able to dry them without them becoming caramelized, as roasted almonds do.

We do not produce raw tahini because there is a health risk.  There have been numerous food recalls of raw sesame tahini butter in our industry.  The problem is not being able to remove enough moisture from the sesame seeds through a drying process.  To properly remove moisture, the seeds must be roasted at a high temperature over a long period of time.  Because sesames seeds are small and thin, it is nearly impossible to dry the seed without it becoming roasted.  It is our opinion that the only way for a sesame seed to be safely produced into tahini is by either drying or roasting.  Since drying is not possible, we roast our sesame seeds to create our tahini. 

Once Again Nut Butter feels responsible for providing our consumers with safe products that meet all quality and safety standards.

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