A Word from our General Manager, Bob Gelser

Bob Gelser, President

 Once Again Nut Butter remains poised to fulfill our mission statement of  providing a safe, quality product to our health conscious customers. We are fast approaching a year since the PCA peanut butter salmonella recall that forever has changed our industry. Previous to this   recall, Once Again Nut Butter had already implemented preventative measures against micro-biological hazards in our  facility. In a spirit of continuous improvement, our employee owned team have embraced our Safe Quality Food (SQF)  initiatives which include; raw material testing, finish product testing, and roasting process  controls.

      Organic farming and products have  become more of a focal point to our federal government. There is even an    organic garden on the White House’s south lawn! With the expectation of health care reform, there will definitely be more emphasis for individuals to become more responsible in their everyday eating    habits. Once Again Nut Butter will  continue to offer products using Omega-3 and organic ingredients to meet the needs of our health conscious customers.

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